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Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Donnington House currently works with over 35 self-employed sessional musicians, lecturers, beauticians, and hairdressers who visit, entertain and support our residents wellbeing throughout the year. Sadly none of them have been able to visit us since the pandemic and so we have had to be even more creative than usual. Our activities co-ordinators have been printing lots of word searches, crosswords, handing out letters from our quiz master Sharon and ensuring that residents have access to vital video phone calls. Thanks to our collaboration with The Digital Line back in 2019 we have been fortunate enough to be able to offer free face to face calls using an Alexa show. So far over nearly 200 video calls have been carefully coordinated!

We celebrated VE Day with red, white, and blue cup cakes with a British flag as a decoration and made sure everyone was watching the events live on the BBC. We put bunting in the garden so it could seen from the rooms and we have been filling up all the bird feeders to encourage the wildlife at the windows by using Perspex window feeders.

Letters and drawings of rainbows, Viking boats, and flowers from children in the community have been photocopied and given to our residents to read.

We have also connected with the faith community and St Georges church Father James Cooper has chatted to some of his parishioners here that would usually go to church on Sunday. We even managed to keep those interested in science and all things NASA by printing the latest updates from the SpaceX launch and also updates of caves recently discovered that had not been opened for 5 million years old.

Our dedicated staff have been working incredibly hard to comfort, nurture and provide comfort for what is also considered to be our extended family as well. Eleven members of staff at one point stayed 24 hours a day for 14 days in a row in order to keep everyone safe and well. During this historic and exceptional time what has been most heart-breaking has been reading letters from families who are unable to be here.

Our residents are now able to access the garden but we are not yet able to have visitors. Brian and Charles have been working hard to maintain the flora and fauna and many are feeling the sun on their face for the 1st time in weeks. Knitted squares are also being made continuously so that hopefully near Christmas we can launch our community blanket.

Thank you to our wonderful neighbours, friends and family that have supported us with cakes, visors, scrubs, gifts, bags and more. Your generosity has been amazing! We hope that everyone is well in our community is well and look forward to connecting with you all very soon – All at Donnington House Care Home

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