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For many residents,  our volunteers have provided important opportunities for socialisation, company and just ‘someone to talk to’, ranging from very basic ‘sitting and being’ with people to more substantial, long-term, one-to-one befriending relationships and support. Before becoming a volunteer at Donnington House it is important to be clear on why you are doing this and what role you will have in the organisation.


Get in contact with us using the online form below so that we can start a discussion before becoming a volunteer. This will ensure that early on you can be clear on what the different roles are for staff and volunteers, and how volunteers can add value to the work that we do and help to enhance the quality of life and outcomes for residents. To provide a good-quality experience for residents, it is important that you make a commitment to our home and provide us with regular dates and times so that we can manage our activity calendar in advance.


This is important to ensure that everyone involved gets the most out of volunteering. 

You will need to sign a volunteer agreement, provide ID before working with us and depending on your activity we may also ask you to provide a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check as we work with vulnerable adults. 


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